Best microwaved eggs recipe in Nordic Ware Egg Maker – review by geoffmobile

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Geoff reviews the “2 Cavity Egg Poacher” for making Microwaved Poached Eggs, made by Nordic Ware.

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Ever wondered how to make poached eggs in the microwave? The Nordic Ware egg poacher is a great and affordable kitchen gadget to make poached eggs easily in the microwave. Great for a daily breakfast when combined with some unsalted mixed nuts, some washed baby tomatoes, and some yogurt on the side.

I prefer using the Egg Poacher method over using a mug because using the Nordic Ware egg poacher prevents the eggs from exploding in the microwave.

Recipe method (courtesy of Nordic Ware website):
– Crack 1 egg into each cup of egg poacher base. Pierce each egg yolk with fork, and add 1/2 tsp water to each cup. (Add water to empty cup if only cooking 1 egg).
– For 1 egg, cooks for 30-45 seconds. 2 eggs, cook for 45-60 seconds. Cooking times may vary based on different microwaves.
– Let eggs stand for 30 seconds before removing to allow eggs to finish cooking. Enjoy!

Manufacturer’s web site:

Product detail link (to order direct and for more info):

Within Canada, available at London Drugs in store and online:

For USA or worldwide customers you can try this Amazon.com link:

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