Is it Possible to Live With Less Stress and Still Be Super Productive? Intro to Getting Things Done

Geoff from does a short impromptu speech on the benefits of the Getting Things Done (GTD) Methodology and how it has helped him live a productive and full life.

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Getting Things Done has allowed me to live with much less stress and more balance. I have time to spend on hobbies and enjoy precious moments with family as well as an effective and enjoyable work life.

“Getting Things Done” is a book by David Allen.

I also enjoy the Next Action Associates Podcast: “Change Your Game with GTD”:

This short impromptu speech by Geoff Peters was recorded at Best Run Toastmasters in Vancouver Canada on January 26th 2022.

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7 minute Intro to Web Page Design by a Senior Software Developer – Geoff Peters (Toastmasters)

Geoff from gives a 7 minute intro to web page design, talking about a webpage he created in university that estimated the gender of first names.

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Recorded at Best Run Toastmasters, Vancouver, BC, Canada.

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Does innovation make us lazy? Thoughts about automation and effect on job enjoyment – Toastmasters

Geoff from shares his thoughts on how automation can sometimes make jobs more enjoyable by taking away the routine or less engaging part of the work.

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This was Geoff’s response to a Table Topics impromptu speaking question at Toastmasters. Recorded at Best Run Toastmasters in Vancouver BC on March 24th 2021.

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