I love bread – a poem (written by AI)

Raisin Bread made by me

I love bread – a poem


That word makes me happy

But why?

The reason

I don’t mind


A word

That makes me joyful

Because now I understand

It is true

We are all made


So some might


Bread is my religion


I will love, honor

Dare we say worship

Who I Love and

What I


Grateful For


Just like what I

Want in life


Is what I need – like music – to sooth the soul.

It reminds me of

The people around me,


Like the word


So I take what I want in life.


– Author GPT-NeoX 20B

Temperature 0.99

Output length 57

Top-K Sampling 76

Review of Fleischmann’s Bread Booster – dough enhancer great for bread machines and whole wheat

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Here’s the recipe I mentioned:

100% whole wheat recipe for bread machine (Geoff’s recipe)

Weather conditions such as temperature, altitude or accuracy in measuring can affect the outcome of a loaf.

All ingredients at room temperature (70-80°F/21-27°C)

325g of water or almond/ oat milk
12g salt
2 tbsp of maple syrup or molasses
13g brown sugar
113g x 4 cups = 452g whole wheat flour
7g bread booster Vital gluten (dough enhancer), e.g. “Fleischmann’s Bread Booster”
2 teaspoons (6.2g = 3.1g per tsp) yeast

Whole wheat setting
Timer ok

Measure all ingredients into bread pan. Select Whole Wheat setting. Select crust setting if other than medium. Press Start/Stop to begin. When display reads 0:00, press Start/Stop to cancel. Remove bread.

Why Mindfulness is Important in my Life – Toastmasters Table Topics answer by Geoff Peters

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Recorded at Best Run Toastmasters, Vancouver BC, Canada
November 16th 2022

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Getting Things Done – a poem written by AI

Art by Stable Diffusion (prompt “A watercolor painting in the style of [poem text]”)

Getting Things Done – a poem

Get the things done that you’re supposed
To, but you never really get around to.
You’d make
better time if there weren’t
Toadstools to wade through,
Puddles to splash in,
Dead ends
You feel
Yourself stumbling into
In the most amazing of ways –
Faces that all but say what you’ve got to say –
Them stopping, you standing there in time with it
And a part of you saying – I can stop this too.
Them saying – You’re not supposed to be here.
You saying – So why not?
All of you thinking – Why? Why should
Anything in the world have to be what?
Why is it all right
When I have
Pure reason tell me
But a word or a kiss
Can’t stop
What I know
Is just supposed to be here.

About the Author

This poem was written entirely by an AI model called GPT-NeoX 20B

Accessed at goose.ai/playground

Temperature 0.99
Output length 57
Top-K Sampling 76

Art by Stable Diffusion (prompt “A watercolor painting in the style of [poem text]”)

How to Clean and Maintain Your Bread Machine

How to Clean and Maintain Your Bread Machine
by Geoff Peters, Home Baker Extraordinaire

I’ve been making bread for years now, and I love my bread machine. But the most challenging part is when the machine starts squeaking. Bread machines need some lubrication now and then. But despite what you may read online, don’t use sewing machine oil or 3-in-1 oil, as these oils are poisionous. Instead, find a food grade (H1 rated) chain lubrication designed for lubricating chains inside commercial ovens in food plants. These are usually rated to very high temperatures – you should look for a lubricant that has a flash point of around 375 degrees F or higher, as the lubricant needs to remain stable even through multiple baking cycles. I recommend the Food Plant Chain Lube from CRC, which is available in Canada through business supply store websites such as Grainger or Tenaquip.

Apply the lubrication to the underside of the bread pan, on the top of the shaft attachment to the rotator clip. Just a squirt or two, and then rotate the shaft holding the pan upside-down to allow the lubrication to penetrate the shaft. This should hopefully solve any squeaking issues with your machine and keep it baking for many years to come.

Recommended product:

CRC Food Plant Chain Lube, Aerosol Can

Food Plant Chain Lube, Aerosol Can
Format: 340 g
Appearance: Clear/White Liquid
Film Type: Wet
Base Type: Mineral Oil
Flash Point: 188°C
Model: AF201

Manufacturer Model No.: 73056

Food Plant Chain Lube, 340 Grams
Part No. – 73056
Case Order Number – 1006159