How to Make Scrambled Eggs without milk, oil or salt – Cooking with Geoff (from geoffmobile.com)

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Geoff from geoffmobile.com shows how he makes Scrambled Eggs, a popular way to prepare eggs for breakfast.

Almond Milk is used as a substitute for dairy milk. No oil is used. “Mrs Dash” spice is used as a replacement for salt.

This Scrambled Eggs recipe comes from Geoff’s mom, who taught this technique of “scraping the pot” to Geoff when he was 10 years old.

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*** Please note: Geoff uses Free Run Canada Eggs. Please be nice to chickens and choose Free Run or Free Range eggs if available.



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3 Responses to “How to Make Scrambled Eggs without milk, oil or salt – Cooking with Geoff (from geoffmobile.com)”

  1. Ninja says:

    duhhh duhhnooodehhh duhhhnoooduhhh

  2. Mom says:

    Hello Geoff,
    I’m flattered that you learned scrambled eggs from me! I used to put in some margarine or butter.
    So, I was surprised that your eggs did not totally stick to the pot and burn. Your diligent spoon scraping was the key, I suspect. Did that actually make enough for two plates? Good for you! I haven’t made scrambled for years either. Hmm, I think I’ll have some for breakfast tomorrow. Yours looked delicious – Congratulations!
    Love, Mom

  3. Geoff Peters says:

    one suggestion is to use a wooden spoon instead of a metal one, if you don’t want to scratch your pot.

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