Roland Gaia SH-01 Synth Jam improv – June 10 2014 by Geoff Peters

Geoff from does a 25 minute experimental improv practice on his Roland Gaia SH-01 synthesizer.

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This is an entirely original improvised jam created by myself on this amazing Roland Gaia SH-01 synthesizer.
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Thanks for watching!

The music in this video is released under Creative Commons Attribution. Please give a credit to Geoff Peters from in your film or video game credits if you end up using this music. Thanks very much!

Please let me know if you like this music! Hope you enjoy the Roland Gaia SH-01 synthesizer, it’s the best :)

Vancouver, BC, Canada

p.s. if you’re located in Vancouver Canada and would like to jam in person, please let me know :)

Filmed with a Sony Cybershot RX100 Mk2 in Mp4 VGA mode, and the audio was captured with a Zoom H1 in 48khz 24 bit and processed using Audacity.

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