Improv Jam on Roland Gaia SH-01 synthesizer April 25 2015

Geoff from does a 30 minute improvised jam on his Roland Gaia SH-01 synthesizer.

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I love this instrument! It can do so many different imaginative sounds and is a lot of fun to play :) It’s really fun to spend time playing around with it and exploring the diverse soundscapes.

Many thanks to Roland Canada and Roland Corporation worldwide for continuing to produce the Roland Gaia SH-01 synthesizer.

Hopefully by watching this video you will get an idea of what is possible with some casual jamming with the Gaia SH-01 synth.

For some basic tutorial videos on how to use the Roland Gaia please check out my playlist of the “Best Roland Gaia SH-01 tutorials” at:

Please note that this music in this video is entirely original and created by myself, Geoff Peters for use in this video.

***** Please note: If you would like to use the music in this video in our own videos, please go ahead for free, as long as you give credit to Geoff Peters and a link to my website at Thank you!!


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