The Best Roland Gaia Tutorial Videos – SH-01 synth

Geoff Peters writes:

The Roland Gaia SH-01 synthesizer is my favorite instrument for playing live electronic music. What’s so special about the Gaia? It easily lets you shape and design the sound with ease, while performing it. Using the principles of Analog Synthesis, the Roland Gaia can be made to sound like a flute, an organ, a Wurlitzer keyboard, a string section, a sci fi movie, a distorted rock guitar, a club track bass line, bells, a trumpet, and many more. But unlike some synthesizers which force you to stick to a set of pre-made sounds, the Roland Gaia lets you design your own sounds through the process of synthesis. If you want to get into the technicalities, read the review of the Gaia at Sound on Sound.

But Synthesis is an art in itself. It is not immediately obvious how to do it without a certain amount of basic knowledge, even though the Gaia is very intuitive once you grasp some basics of synthesis.

On this page I have collected the best tutorial videos I have found on Youtube that demonstrate and teach the basics of synthesis using the Roland Gaia SH-01 synthesizer. You can watch them right here on this page, or visit my special Youtube playlist that I put together which contains all of the videos in a single playlist.

Above is a video giving a brief explanation of analog synthesis, using the Roland GAIA virtual analog synthesizer, by Adrian Scott.

Part 2:

another one by Roland Canada :

Here is another series of demo videos about the Gaia which I find quite inspiring: (in Japanese with English subtitles that you can turn on in Youtube Closed Captioning button below the video). The man who is showing off the synth has an amazing knowledge of the instrument.

Intro and Part 1: (please turn on Closed Captioning – CC below to see English Subtitles)

Part 2 Demo of the preset sounds: (please turn on Closed Captioning – CC below to see English Subtitles)

Part 3 Basic programming: (please turn on Closed Captioning – CC below to see English Subtitles)

Part 4 Advanced Programming: (please turn on Closed Captioning – CC below to see English Subtitles)

Here is another series of tutorial videos by Ed Dias. They are short, to the point, and quite helpful:




Synth lead

Hope these videos are helpful to you!!

If you have any questions about Synthesis or the Roland Gaia, please leave a comment below.
Good luck with your music!!

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