Caring Can Make A Difference – a Vancouver Public Service Announcement

A short public service announcement film about how we can make our city Vancouver Canada more beautiful and clean by picking up trash.

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Transcription of Video Voiceover:

“The beauty of Vancouver is known all over the world. An ideal location surrounded by the water. New buildings keep growing adding even more sophisticated finish to deep greens of Stanley Park, and try to maintain its appearance. I would think we can be nothing but proud of where we live.

It looks a little different when we look closer down to the streets of this amazing city. Crowds of people visit our city specifically on weekends to enjoy it and have fun. Well… what is left after all the good times? I notice cigarette butts, chewing gum stuck to the sidewalk, dog poo, empty drinking cups, wet newspapers. Whatever is not needed anymore is there. What you put on a sidewalk someone has to pick up.

Let’s put some effort to prevent it. All of us! Carry portable ash-trays, pick up dog poo, and use garbage cans. Thank you.”

Music Notes:
The original music for this film was composed by Geoff Peters and is available for free as Creative Commons Attribution here:


Written by Elizabeth Wojtowicz

Photos by Elizabeth Wojtowicz and Geoff Peters
Voiceover by Geoff Peters
Music Composed and Performed by Geoff Peters
Edited by Geoff Peters

(c) 2014 Elizabeth Wojtowicz and Geoff Peters

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