Artfilm – a different side of Vancouver / China – original music by Geoff Peters

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In this short video I attempt to show a different side of Vancouver Canada and Shanghai China.

Original music “Movie Video Game” by Geoff Peters
free MP3 download of the music here: gpeters.com/tracks/youtube19

Music also available for free download and remixing here:

Music also available on Soundcloud:

Photos and videos by Geoff Peters

Description of the music:
Urban, upbeat, energetic and slightly ominous. A hiphop beat underlies a distorted synth guitar patch with minor 7 jazz chords, and then in the second part, a new hiphop beat is used with piano jazz sus chords to accompany an ostinato synth with a bold string section.

Possibly suitable for background music for a darker video about an important social issue or a scandal.

Created using Roland Gaia SH-01 synthesizer, Yamaha P-35 digital piano, Sonar X1 LE. Mastered in audacity.

If using this music, please include a credit to Geoff Peters and a link to my website, geoffmobile.com Thank you!

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