Original music for films – Overcast Mood by Geoff Peters (Roland Gaia synth)

Geoff from geoffmobile.com shares an original song he composed for use in film scores called “Overcast Mood”.

For the MP3 download, Sheet Music, Roland Gaia Patch, High quality WAV file, and Finale file for this song / composition, please visit the following link (it’s all _freely_ available under Creative Commons Attribution):

Primary download link (includes high quality WAV file):

Alternate download link (doesn’t contain WAV file):

Thanks for watching!

For recording this video, I performed my Roland Gaia SH-01 Synthesizer. I love this synth!! Very versatile and flexible, quite easy to use and affordable. Highly recommended! :)

**Film Scoring services available, offered by composer Geoff Peters**

Are you a filmmaker in need of music for your film score?
To have Geoff compose a song for your film please contact him at geoff@gpeters.com or though his contact info below:

Geoff’s Twitter twitter.com/gpeters

Geoff’s Facebook: facebook.com/geoff.peters

Have a great day!


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Technical notes:

Synthesizer: Roland Gaia SH-01 with custom-made patch (which is available for free download in the links above).

Camera: Sony Cybershot DSC-HX30v

Audio recorded from the Roland Gaia SH-01 into a MOTU 8-Pre in 24bit 48khz.

Synth audio processed using Normalize feature in Audacity (no dynamics compression was done).

Voice recorded on a Zoom H1 with a Sennheiser ME2 lav mic, also processed in Audacity with SC4 compressor and W1 limiter.

Video edited with Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 on a Windows 7 Dell PC (Intel i7 and USB 3.0 for a faster workflow). (Fully licensed).

Audio synced with video using Pluraleyes from Singular Software. (Fully licensed).

Sheet music created in Finale 2010 (Fully licensed).

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2 thoughts on “Original music for films – Overcast Mood by Geoff Peters (Roland Gaia synth)

  1. Geoff Peters Post author

    @alejandro you’re very welcome! Thank you so much for watching :) please feel free to make use of the song in your own videos or slideshows if you like. (Just please include a credit for me :)


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