Human Nature by Michael Jackson – Cover #2 by Geoff Peters of Vancouver Canada

Geoff from sings the song “Human Nature” by Michael Jackson.

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** For a free MP3 download of this performance, please visit:

Geoff has been studying singing for 2 months with Vancouver vocal teacher Mark Downey. Highly recommended. Please visit Mark’s website at:

My vocal teacher Mark Downey teaches singing, voiceover acting, and speech voice out of his studio in the West End of downtown Vancouver BC Canada. Thanks so much Mark for your inspiration, support, and expert guidance through the principles of Institute for Vocal Advancement and Speech Level Singing.

Geoff previously studied jazz piano with Chris Sigerson and classical piano with Yvette Rowledge. He also studied jazz with Misha Piatigorsky and Phil Dwyer and composition with Joan Hansen.

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Technical notes:

Lighting: Key light is a 200W Incandescent bulb with diffusing gel, aimed mid-way between the ceiling and wall in front of me. Other fill lights include halogen track lights and a 60W incandescent bulb in an Ikea light fixture with blue gel.

Camera: Sony RX100 Mk2, ISO 800 F2.8 1/60, manual white balance, portrait mode. Recorded in 60i 1080p and dropped into a 29.97fps (30p) timeline.

Editing: Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 on a Windows 7 Dell PC (Intel i7 and USB 3.0 for a faster workflow). Used Pluraleyes to sync the audio and video tracks.
A S-curve was applied in RGB Curves effect to adjust contrast.

Audio: Mics: SM58 for song, Zoom H1 for intro/ending speech. Recorded into a MOTU 8-Pre on a White Macbook.

Audio processed in Logic and Audacity. On vocal track, used High pass filter at 78hz, Compressor, and mild reverb. On synth track, simply reduced the gain for balance.

Synthesizer: Roland Gaia SH-01 with custom Triangle wave patch (to download the patch for free please visit )
This synth is highly recommended!

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