Human Nature (Michael Jackson) Vocal + synth practice session by Geoff Peters

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Geoff from geoffmobile.com practices singing Michael Jackson’s 1982 song, “Human Nature”. Geoff is a beginner singer and this video is recorded more for himself as a reference on his starting point for learning how to sing.

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Technical notes:
Vocal Mic: SM58
Additional Room mic: Zoom H1

Synth: Roland Gaia SH-01 with home-made Wurlitzer patch (get the patch here: geoffmobile.com/blog/wurlitzer-sound-on-the-roland-gaia-how-to-make-a-classic-wurlitzer-keyboard-patch-by-geoffmobile-2/comment-page-1 )

Recorded using a MOTU 8-Pre
Camera: Sony Cybershot RX100
Video edited with Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5
Audio synced with video using Pluraleyes from Singular Software
I used both a Macbook (for audio) and a Windows 7 PC (for video) to produce this video.

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One Response to “Human Nature (Michael Jackson) Vocal + synth practice session by Geoff Peters”

  1. Geoff Peters says:

    Andrew G. writes: Hey Geoff, First, congrats on taking the first step into learning how to sing! Very cool and brave to put yourself out there. Now I think you have some great potential, and as singing is a learned craft/skill, I would suggest you sped some time with a vocal coach, as they will save you years of getting good at singing wrong… I know as this year I decided to learn to sing too! I can recommend very highly Mark Downey Vocal Studio Mark is a great guy, and teaches one of the best techniques there is ” Speech level singing” a method created by Seth Riggs… funny I think he worked with Mj too !…http://www.speechlevelsinging.com

    Geoff writes:
    awesome, thank you Andrew! excellent advice. I will contact Mark and find out his rates and availability. I would like to hear you sing someday too!! cheers and have a wonderful afternoon

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