How to make Tabouli Wrap with Hummus, Tomato, Cucumber

Tony from is back with another recipe. This time it’s a fresh ‘n tasty Tabbouleh (Tabouli) Wrap with Hummus, Tomato, and Cucumber.

For part 1, to see how to make the Tabouleh / Tabouli, please view:

I’m a big fan of portable food. This twist on the classic Arab tabbouleh uses barley instead of bulgar wheat. Barley makes it extra chewy and satisfying — perfect as a side for an al fresco meal or stuff it in a fresh wrap alongside cucumbers, tomatoes, red peppers and hummus.
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Tony Ho

Camera / Editing:
Geoff Peters

Opening Music: “Saturday’s Song” by Jared Richardson, used with permission.

Closing Music: “Joy” by Geoff Peters Trio, used with permission.

Technical notes:
Video Recorded on a Canon EOS T2i (Rebel 550d) with Canon 17-85mm IS lens, Magic Lantern Unified, Technicolor Cinestyle.
Audio recorded on a Motu 8-Pre / Macbook and processed with Audacity (used SC4 Compressor and W1 Limiter plugins).
Video Edited with Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 on a Windows 7 Dell PC (Intel i7 and USB 3.0 for a faster workflow).

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