400 km/h Driving Tour of Burnaby and Vancouver, BC, Canada (Music by Colin Pombo)

Here’s a driving tour of Burnaby and Vancouver BC Canada, sped up 8x and accompanied by the amazing music of Canadian musical artist, Colin Pombo.


The route:

Recorded at 8pm on May 10th 2011. I start at Kensington Shopping Plaza in Burnaby (on East Hastings Street), and drive West along Hastings all the way into Vancouver, through the Downtown Eastside and into the business district. I then turn left onto Burrard Street and drive south to Robson (famous shopping street) and then go along Robson all the way to Vancouver’s west end, where I explore Denman Street down to Davie, and then back past Burrard again down to Granville.

The music:

The music is Perceptions and Sea of Tranquility by Colin Pombo. Thank you so much Colin and friends for the amazing music, I am so glad to feature it here. You guys rock!!

The camera:

I placed my Sony Cybershot DSC-HX7V on my dash using a mini-tripod which I got from London Drugs. I then recorded the drive in 17 megabits per second 1080i (60i) using manual white balance that I calibrated to a 18% Grey Card. I then imported the video into Windows Live Movie Maker, sped up the clips 8x and then added Colin’s great music. I really like my Sony HX7V, which is the latest camera from Sony that just came out last month. It is currently $349 at London Drugs, a little point and shoot camera. As you can see the quality is really great – so much improved over last years models.

About me:

I’m Geoff Peters, a 29 year old software developer, jazz pianist, and videographer from Vancouver BC Canada. My video blog is called Geoffmobile and is at www.geoffmobile.com

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