Laziza Modern Mediterranean Cuisine in Vancouver BC Canada (Davie, West End)

Laziza Modern Mediterranean Restaurant
1175 Davie Street
Vancouver BC Canada
phone: 604-568-9777

Laziza is a welcome new addition to the Davie Street strip in the West End of downtown Vancouver. Nice upscale decor, a varied menu with really healthy food (lots of balance such as proteins (great seafood and meats if so inclined), carbs (great rice and couscous), vegetables that are grilled in a Shishkabob Mediterranean style).

Mediterranean food combines the best of a diverse range of cultures that border the Mediterranean Sea, and we see influences from Spanish cooking in the pita chips and salsa, right down to the presentation of the Chicken Stuffed Prawns which had the rice artfully presented in a pyramid shape.

Davie Street is great because the prices are actually affordable, and not as high as the decor might suggest. This is a great place to bring a date or have an enjoyable dinner with friends.

Shown in video:
-Davie Street and restaurant exterior
-Interior of restaurant with patrons dining
-The restaurant menu (both sides :)
-Pita chips and fresh made tomato salsa with a kick.
-Crispy cauliflower (really tasty! even if you’re not vegetarian, I recommend these).
-Vegetarian Tagine (Tony explains what a Tagine is – he was really impressed by this dish).
-Chicken stuffed Prawns, served with grilled vegetables, a stuffed mini-pita, and yummy rice.

Great service too! Thanks to Laziza for a delicious evening.

this has been another “mmm” video from
filmed with a Sony Cybershot DSC-HX7V and edited in Windows Live Movie Maker.

see you next time!

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