Sushi Star, great restaurant in downtown Vancouver BC Canada

Sushi Star
750 Nelson Street
Vancouver, BC, Canada
phone: 604-974-0079

Restaurant Web site:

Today I visited Sushi Star, one of my favorite places in downtown Vancouver for a quick Japanese sushi bite. I ordered some take out sushi (the Spicy Roll Combo) but it was a pleasant temperature out and wasn’t raining, so I decided to eat on the small patio table that is right outside the restaurant (the table is covered in case of rain).

The Spicy Roll Combo is really great (just over $10) and is a very generous amount of food (as shown in the video above). It comes with a large Spicy Tuna roll, a Chopped Scallop roll, and what looks like a large crab-filled California roll with some tempura prawns added as well. The whole dish is presented with lots of tasty mayo sauce and crispy fried tempura garnish.

It’s a great meal when I am in the mood for sushi and am in a hurry (as I call ahead to get take out), and want something big, delicious, and satisfying.

This has been another tasty “mmm” video from

Technical notes:
Filmed on a Sony Cybershot DSC-HX7V in full HD 1080i. (60i). Manual white balance was used, calibrated to a grey card. Camera uses automatic exposure and focus (but has a power zoom and stabilizer that operates during filming).

See you next time!!


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