Robson Sushi All You Can Eat in Vancouver Canada downtown – May 2013

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Geoff from geoffmobile.com visits Robson Sushi Japanese Restaurant in downtown Vancouver BC Canada. He was there with his family to enjoy some delicious late night dinner time All You Can Eat Japanese food.

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Robson Sushi
1542 Robson Street
Vancouver BC Canada
Restaurant Web Site: www.robsonsushi.com/ (visit for current price)
Restaurant phone: 604-688-4789

Urbanspoon Link:

Shown in video:
-Interior of restaurant at dinner time (late night)
-Ebi sunomono (salad)
-Spinach Gomae salad
-Miso soup
-Wasabi garnish
-Dynamite Roll sushi
-Soya Sauce (Shoyu)
-Pan fried gyoza dumplings
-Salmon sashimi (delicious, limited order, not all you can eat)
-Agedashi tofu
-Assorted tempura
-Seafood motoyaki (baked seafood with cream sauce)
-Nigiri sushi (Salmon, tuna, and hokkigai = surf clam)
-Alaska Roll
-Assorted cones (Spicy seafood cone, Chopped scallop cone, massago cone, crab special cone, seasonal seaweed cones)
-Thanks a lot for watching!!

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Thanks to my family for enjoying this meal with me!

Have a great day.

Technical notes:
Filmed on Sony Cybershot RX100 Mk1, edited with Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 on a Windows 7 Dell PC (Intel i7 and USB 3.0 for a faster workflow).

Background music: Pastafarian Beat by Geoff Peters, used with permission.
Closing music by Geoff Peters, used with permission.

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