Your Inner Police Radar – Capturing Your Ideas to Get Things Done – Toastmasters Speech Geoff Peters

Geoff from shares a 7 minute speech entitled “Your Inner Police Radar – Collecting and Capturing your Ideas and Action Items”.

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Accompanying article to go along with this video:

Your inner police radar is the part of your mind that is always scanning for things that you need to do.

If you’re like me, ideas frequently pop up in your mind.

In my mind I might have an idea only once and if I don’t capture it or collect it right away the idea will disappear.

With luck, my mind might pop it up again in front of me some other time.

But many times the idea may be lost forever.

You need to have a system to collect and capture your ideas as soon as you have them.


Recorded at Best Run Toastmasters in Vancouver BC Canada on October 1st 2020. Special Thanks to Jim for chairing the meeting.

This is Geoff’s “Body Language” speech, part of Level 2 in the Toastmasters Pathways program. For more information about Toastmasters Public Speaking clubs and how to join a club in your area, please visit

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Technical notes:
-Audio recorded using Sennheiser ME-2 lavalier microphone into a Zoom H1 used as an audio interface, captured into Audacity at 44.1khz.
-Video recorded by Zoom Meetings software
-Edited in Adobe Premiere 2020 (Legal version, with Adobe Creative Cloud Subscription)

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