How to Get Organized – a speech by Geoff Peters (Senior Software Developer at SAP Canada)

Everything in Its Right Place – The Art of Organization

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Geoff Peters, a senior software developer at SAP Canada, talks about how the essence of organization is to put things where their place reflects and implies the thing’s meaning. Whether you are designing a piece of software code, organizing your house, designing a building, or organizing your thoughts, the concept of “putting things in the right place” can lead to more effective organization.

Title: The Art of Organization – Intro: Why, What, and How. Everything in it’s right place – (title is also a Radiohead song)

Recorded at Vancouver Toastmasters Club 59 in Vancouver BC Canada on April 25th 2022.
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Book Recommendation: “Getting Things Done” by David Allen (also known as GTD – the Art of Stress Free Productivity)

Tool recommendation: Microsoft To Do

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Speech notes:

1. Why do we need to get organized?
Story: When I wasn’t organized at work.
Writing on page, scribbling, copying to next page
Coworkers using sticky notes all over their desk
Inefficient system leads to drag on the system. Like a boat which has barnacles attached to the bottom, it moves slower through the water.
Sitting there staring into space
Not productive
Paralysis, not knowing what to do – Can’t get started
Writer’s block / creative block

2. What is organization, and what does it mean to be organized?
Physical space, Mental space
“The location and appearance of something, placed there intentionally, should represent its intended meaning or purpose.”

Story: Have you ever been cleaning up your home, and it looks great? Then you can’t find anything?

Simplicity on the other end of complexity.
Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. is quoted as having said, “I would not give a fig for the simplicity this side of complexity, but I would give my life for the simplicity on the other side of complexity.”

Or find there is a software program that looks amazing but when you try to use it you realize it isn’t flexible in the way you need it?

3. How to get organized?
Design your external systems so they support you in your achievements.
Story: Putting something in front of the door.
Design is putting things where they should be to trigger you to be able to be ready for anything or take action. Design your external system so that it guides you to the activities or achievements you want to make or do.
Triggers and habits.

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