Todo List Management with TaskUnifier – speech by Geoff Peters

Geoff from shows a demo of a great todo list management software called Taskunifier.

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Taskunifier is available for free at:

Also check out Toodledo at:

and DGT GTD Android todo list app:

Presented to Best Run Toastmasters

Speech summary:
parts of a to-do list management system
how can we become more productive? one of the keys to being productive is to have a clear picture of what tasks I need to work on and their priority,
as a knowledge worker, someone who works with ideas and information, I find a to-do list is essential to getting things done.
electronic to-do lists are much more efficient than paper based todo lists, and I have found that it greatly speeds up the process of getting organized.
in this talk today I am going to first explain why a to-do list is valuable, and then I am going to show a demonstration of an electronic to-do list system.
why is a to-do list system valuable?
1) helps get stuff off your mind
by writing tasks down it clears my mind and reduces my stress
2) helps you revise and edit what you are doing (planning)
by writing tasks down I clarify what the tasks actually are and can revise what I should do for each task.
3) helps you determine the next action (prioritization)
todo lists are great way to make sure that you are working on the most important task at the current moment.
process: (demonstration)
1. adding a new to-do list item (with note)
adding my task, adding a bunch of tasks
2. rescheduling a to-do list item
changing the date on a to-do list item, reorganizing the list
3. completing a task
checking it off.
so in summary, using a todo list helps clear your mind, reduce stress, and helps you revise your plan, and focus on the most important thing at any moment.
in my demonstration I have shown how to use Taskunifier to add a task, reschedule a task, and complete a task,
I hope you will become more productive by making use of an electronic to-do list. good luck!

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