Overwhelmed to Optimized – How to Get Things Done (ideas from David Allen) Geoff Peters Toastmasters

Here’s a 15 minute speech and Q&A from Geoff Peters on one of his favorite topics – how to Get Things Done using an External Brain.

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Delivered at Best Run Toastmasters – September 22nd 2021.

Book Recommendation: “Getting Things Done” by David Allen.

Topics covered:

“The External Brain” – how we can augment our mental processes with the use of information-based tools

Importance of being able to trust your “External Brain” system

How to reduce anxiety caused by a lack of control, organization, preparation, and action

What is the difference between a Task and a Project

Horizontal vs Vertical Action Management

Daily Task Workflow: Collecting, Clarifying, Organizing, Reviewing, and Doing

The 5 steps of the Natural Planning Process

2 kinds of Actions Lists

A live demo of “Microsoft To Do” – a digital to-do list software provided by Microsoft

You can download and access Microsoft Todo here: todo.microsoft.com/

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