Communication Styles, Inside and Out – Level 2 Pathways Toastmasters speech by Geoff Peters

Geoff from shares his Level 2 Pathways Toastmasters Speech on Communication Styles.

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Recorded at Best Run Toastmasters, Vancouver, BC, Canada.
Meeting virtually on Zoom.

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Speech Notes:

Communication styles

Effective communication

Communication with your self – present self

Communicating with your self – future self

Communication with others

Have a Thought

How do you send the Message

How is it interpreted?

Mental models are synchronized?

Communication with your self – present self

What do you tell yourself?
How do your thoughts appear (as an inner voice in your head?)
How do your past experiences shape how you talk to yourself?
Are you encouraging? Do you feel good about yourself?

“I am enough”
“I am valued”
“I am not perfect”
“I am open to feedback”
“I can make a valuable contribution”
“I can do it”
“I will spend time for myself”

Had a friend who kept telling herself that she was lonely and that she wasn’t social and didn’t have any friends. This negative attitude was a big turn off for people she met, and she ended up pushing away many people who might have become friends with her.

Listen to your self talk. What you tell yourself often becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Communicating with your self – future self

Programming your own behavior by having a structured systematic way of communicating with your future self.

Write yourself a letter that arrives at a future time or date?
Leaving yourself notes (put it in front of the door) that make future actions easier.

Todo list — Date on the action item to pop up at a future time or date will help you make decisions and actions in the future based on the wisdom of your past self.

Every week I have a reminder that pops up that reminds me to plan a day to cook this week. When it comes to that day, I plan a day to cook, and then set that reminder to the following week. In the end, I cook every week. Same thing with exercising and learning about new tech topics.

Communication with others

Listening is half of the picture. Practice active listening and be open to picking up on new ideas.
Giving time and space for other people and giving them your attention.
Knowing your audience
Being aware of the recipient’s existing beliefs, values, and ideas.
Know that everyone has a unique style and personality, and it’s not a “one size fits all” style of communicating —- Better to tailor your speech to your audience.
Focusing on the intersection of your interests, what you are good at, and what the world needs and can pay you for.
Broadcasting your interests so other people are attracted to you who match your style.

When I was starting my career as a software developer, I didn’t have exposure to many communication styles about project planning and work planning. I didn’t know how to express my ideas in terms of design, and was scared to go ask people for things. When I had an idea I couldn’t explain it in a way that others would understand or listen. Over time, after working with many smart and effective people, I gradually picked up some more effective ways to communicate. When I used to start talking, people used to walk away and not listen. But now I have learned how to present my ideas in a way that others are more inclined to listen and understand what I am saying.


What you telling yourself in the present?
How can we talk to our future selves , and how can we learn from our past selves?
How can we listen better and speak to others better so that we can work together more effectively?

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