We Are Watching – Guidestones fan video 2013 – tribute to an Emmy-award winning web series

This is a fan video for guidestones.org – the winner of an International Emmy award in 2013 for “Best Digital Program — Fiction”, Guidestones is a “fast-paced thriller featuring 50, three-minute visually stunning episodes, each episode encourages the audience to engage with the storyline through a variety of clues and hidden messages.” – guidestones.org

“Written and directed by Jay Ferguson and produced by iThentic, Guidestones, follows journalism students Sandy (Supinder Wraich) and Trevor (Dan Fox) as they plunge into a world of mystery. Inspired by true events, Sandy and Trevor uncover the clues that lead to the discovery of a global conspiracy surrounding the Georgia Guidestones, a real-life monument nestled in rural Georgia, inscribed with directions for rebuilding civilization after the apocalypse.”

This fan video is a tribute to the excitement, suspense, and mystery of the Guidestones story. With an original (fan-contributed) musical score by Vancouver film composer Geoff Peters ( geoffmobile.com ), this video is 100% Fan produced.

This Guidestones Fan video Credits:

Fan Submissions by:

Holly, Erica Leung, Jessica Denney, Gail Leung, Michael Tripper, Jonathan R. Holeton, Stephanie M. Scott, Klynt Domsky, Ben Blewett, Jamie Holowko, Michael Denney, Cindy Holowko, Pamela Arena, Madison Denney.

Concept by: Michael Denney, Angela Mac, Stephanie M Scott

Original Music by Geoff Peters geoffmobile.com

Thanks for watching our Guidestones Fan tribute video.

Visit the official site: guidestones.org to watch and experience this Emmy-award-winning digital web series.

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