Let’s Freeze Tuition Fees [Final Version] – an animation by Geoff Peters of Vancouver Canada

Here is the final version of Geoff’s animation called “Let’s Freeze Tuition Fees”.

Geoff Peters created this animation in Dec 2012 for his Motion Graphics class at Pull Focus Film School in Vancouver BC Canada. Please visit them at pullfocusfilmschool.com for more information about the various awesome courses that they offer.

Transcript of voiceover:

Back in 2000, all the little snowman children played at school in the tuition freeze.

But our government decided to turn a tuition freeze into increasing tuition fees, every year.

Help Adrian the snowman grow to bring back the tuition freeze!

And let’s free our little snowmen from their $27,000 DEBT sentence.

Let’s Freeze Tuition Fees!

Take action today: write or phone your local MLA or MP in Canada and tell them you want tuition fees frozen right now!

For more information about Tuition Fees and student debt in Canada, you may want to check out the following website provided by the Canadian Federation of Students (please note that I am not affiliated with the CFS nor necessarily endorse them).

Technical notes:
Voiceover audio recorded on a Zoom H1.
Animation created using After Effects CS6. Artwork drawn in Photoshop using an old Wacom tablet.
Original score music composed and recorded by Geoff Peters on a Roland Gaia SH-01, as well as additional drumming recorded live at a drum circle using a Canon EOS T2i.

Many thanks to my inspiring instructor Darren Decoursey for teaching me how to use After Effects. Check out Darren’s other courses in Vancouver – he’s an excellent teacher.

Darren’s Linkedin page: www.linkedin.com/in/darrendecoursey

The Pull Focus Film School page: pullfocusfilmschool.com

Also thanks to my fellow students Stephanie, Spencer, and Tana for making this class fun and also for inspiring me with your ideas.

If we work together we can make a difference and change!

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