Interesting Graffiti Art installation at Contemporary Art Gallery Vancouver June 10 2014

Interesting Graffiti Art installation at Contemporary Art Gallery Vancouver June 10 2014

Geoff from documents the exterior art installation at the Contemporary Art Gallery in Vancouver on June 10th 2014.

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Information about the art:
(from the CAG website):

Stefan Brüggemann — Headlines and Last Lines in the Movies

13 Jun, 2014 to 07 Sep, 2014

Headlines & Last Lines in the Movies transforms the façade of the Contemporary Art Gallery, wooden cladding covering its frontage and south east corner. Resembling a construction site, the structure becomes the ground for the work; the title a precise description of itself.

In this new mural, Brüggemann writes headlines from current newspapers, from local to global, in combination with excerpts of last lines from popular films. “Forget it Jake, its Chinatown” could be spray-painted next to “Enbridge Pipeline Rejected”, the juxtaposition of appropriated texts creating both a familiarity and an oddly appropriate pairing suggestive of narratives that may exist to connect current news items with scripted dialogue. With one text residing in the real, the other in the fictive, in combination they create a barrage of information that Brüggemann unifies into a totality of black text. The overlay forms a graphic field that is only partly legible, language creating an immersive installation that draws colloquial phrases into dense cacophonic arenas. The work seems declaratory, but what it is trying to communicate is drowned out by volume, intensity and opacity.

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