I Love Cheese – an animation by Geoffmobile

Geoff from geoffmobile.com shares his short animation entitled “I Love Cheese”.

SYNOPSIS: The desire for cheese meets the fuzziness of soft squirrels in this musical overture to the ultimate fromage.

[15 seconds, Animated Short]

Official selection of the 2012 Geoffmobile Short Film Festival.

Original music by Geoff Peters geoffmobile.com recorded live in two tracks on a Roland Gaia SH-01 synthesizer.

Images used are all in the public domain.


This video is released under Creative Commons Attribution.

For any re-use, please include the following credit (including clickable URL):
I Love Cheese by Geoff Peters geoffmobile.com

Technical notes:

Animation created in Adobe After Effects CS5.5

Video edited in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5

Original music performed on and recorded from a Roland Gaia SH-01 into Adobe Premiere (multitrack) and then mixed using Audacity.

Special thanks to:

Darren D. at Pull Focus Film School in Vancouver for your great After Effects Motion Graphics course.


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