How to use a kitchen scale for measuring any ingredients perfectly – review of Escali Primo scale

When you want to measure your ingredients accurately but don’t want to mess around with measuring spoons and measuring cups (which are volume-based), try measuring all your ingredients using weight.

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By doing a simple calculation of volume to weight you can measure all your ingredients accurately. This is especially helpful when doing baking when accuracy of measurements is paramount.

You can make the same recipe exactly the same way every time if you measure by weight, whereas volume is more susceptible to issues such as flour getting compressed in a measuring cup or the measuring spoon being slightly inaccurate.

This video is a quick review of the Escali Primo scale by showing a very simple example of how to measure two tablespoons of water. I ask Google Assistant how many grams is in a tablespoon of water which turns out to be 15g, and then multiply by 2 to get 30g and then measure out 30 g of water using the Escali Primo scale.

Hope this tutorial is helpful!

I have found that using a kitchen scale for my cooking measurements has greatly improved the results in my baking and cooking.

I was often getting the bread turning out slightly wrong, and after I switched to using the scale for all the ingredients, I get more consistent results.

I made a 2 minute tutorial/demo of the Escali Primo scale, which I highly recommend as an easy to use and reliable kitchen scale with gram-level sensitivity.

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