How to Export Videos from Adobe Premiere for Youtube with Best Settings – tutorial from geoffmobile

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Geoff from geoffmobile.com shows the best settings to use when exporting videos from Adobe Premiere for Youtube for the best quality, smaller file size, and faster render times.

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He shows how to export a long video or a video with a lot of color correction / effects with a fast rendering time, without losing a lot of quality. He also shows how to get the best quality export settings.

Geoff discusses:
-Resolution (1080p and 720p)
-Frame Rate (29.97, 25, and 24p / 23.98)
-Video Codec (H.264)
-Audio Codec (AAC)
-Settings for best quality
-Variable bit rate (VBR)
-Reducing file size of your videos to make uploading faster
-Getting the maximum best quality (what settings to use)
-Speeding up a render so that it takes less time to render
-Selecting the correct working area to export the right part of your video
-Difference between 1-pass and 2-pass rendering

Do you have any questions about how to export videos from Adobe Premiere? CS5.5 CS6 or Creative Cloud (CC)?

Please leave your comments and questions below and I’ll be happy to reply with my tips and suggestions/feedback.


Opening and closing music was created entirely by Geoff Peters (myself), used with permission. Video footage used in example was created entirely by myself, Geoff Peters, used with permission.

Technical notes: Screen capture for this tutorial was created in Camstudio on a Windows 7 Dell PC and audio was recorded in Audacity using a Zoom H1. Voiceover audio was processed using High pass filter at 79 hz, SC4 compressor, and W1 Limiter.
This video was edited using Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5. I also used XMedia Recode to convert my capture to Prores before importing into Adobe Premiere.

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