Girl from Ipanema (Jobim) – Vocals and Piano cover by Erin and Geoff – September 29 2022

Here’s a recording of our practice of Girl from Ipanema
Composed in 1962 by Antônio Carlos Jobim
Lyrics by Vinícius de Moraes (Portuguese lyrics) and Norman Gimbel (English lyrics).

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Performed by Erin A. (vocals) and Geoff P. (piano)

Recorded on Zoom H1

In this recording, Geoff P. plays a gorgeous Grotrian-Steinweg grand piano.

For a *free MP3 download* of this performance, please click here:

Mastered in Audacity
(see my tutorial here: )

Edited in Shotcut based on a tutorial by Cristi Cotovan
(see their tutorial here: )

Art created by Stable Diffusion and upscaled using Real-ESRGAN.

Stable Diffusion Prompt:
“A beautiful, striking, and award-winning oil painting in the style of a brilliant but underrated Brazillian artist of the Brazilian city’s Arpoador Beach. Few life size bronze statues will be more popular among the residents of Rio de Janeiro than the one that has just been erected to honor the singer-composer who helped to immortalize the Brazilian city’s Arpoador Beach. That person is, of course, Rio native and bossa nova pioneer Antonio Carlos Tom Jobim, whose song The Girl from Ipanema became one of the most recorded of all time.”

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About this channel:
Geoff Peters is a dad, husband, software developer, musician, and Toastmaster from Vancouver Canada. You can find him on twitter at

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  1. manuel

    stumbled across this site and wanted to commend you putting this out there for us
    fellow toastmasters as we are on our journey, keeping a record of your growth and events is a neat way to track your progress and inspire us to be creative and reflect on our paths

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