Water Under Bridges (Gregory Porter Cover) – by Geoff Peters (Vocals and piano) – from Liquid Spirit

This video is VR 180 3D, best viewed in a VR headset such as the Oculus Quest 2.

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In this video, Geoff from geoffmobile.com gives a live performance of Water Under Bridges by Gregory Porter, by playing the piano and singing. This was recorded in 3D 180 VR using the Vuze XR – a 180 3D VR camera.

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The beautiful song Water Under Bridges is from Gregory Porter’s 2013 Album, “Liquid Spirit”.

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I am still learning my instrument (the voice) and consider myself to be pretty new to singing, as I only started singing in 2013 (8 years ago). Special thanks to my current vocal teacher, Spencer Welch Vocal Studio, and my previous vocal teacher, Mark Downey Vocal Studio.

I am much more advanced on piano than singing, as I started playing piano when I was 3 years old, and I’m 39 years old now! I am excited to be learning the voice and feel that it’s never too late to start learning an instrument. I just wish I had done choir in high school because it is so much easier to learn an instrument when you start when you are young. However I have no regrets and am grateful for my singing teachers for taking me step by step through learning the voice, and have a goal of keeping on track and gradually improving well into my senior years.

Technical notes:
Audio was recorded using a Zoom H1 and Sennheiser ME-2 lav microphone, and “mastered” in Audacity using High Pass filter, MeldaProduction MCompressor using soft knee, and W1 Limiter. VR 180 3D video was captured at ISO 100, Shutter 1/60, Aperture 2.8, and exported from Vuze XR Studio in 5.7k side-by-side ProRes. Video edited in Adobe Premiere (Legal Creative Cloud license) and exported at “maximum” bitrate setting 240 Mbps and target bitrate 135 Mbps H.264 video at maximum rendering depth and maximum render quality.

This VR 180 3D video was filmed using a Vuze XR camera.
Please watch using the Youtube App on an Oculus Quest 2 VR (Virtual Reality) headset for the best 3D experience!

Thanks for watching!

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