How to Edit VR 180 3D videos in Shotcut, Free Video Editor, and adding titles in VR 180 properly

Here’s a unique tutorial showing how to edit VR 180 3D Side-by-side videos that were captured using a VR 180 camera such as the Vuze XR or Insta360 Evo, using the free, open source video editing program called Shotcut.

This tutorial includes step by step instructions on:
– how to render footage using the Vuze XR studio with the best settings for VR 180 video editing
– how to create a project in Shotcut using the right settings
– how to do basic editing in Shotcut for VR 180 videos including cross fades, fade out, add background audio
– how to make proper VR 180 3D stereo titles using Shotcut
– how to apply proper equirectangular transformations to make the titles look correct using the built-in 360 video filters that Shotcut provides.

Finally, the tutorial shows how to export VR 180 videos properly from Shotcut using the right settings, and add metadata using the VR 180 Creator software formerly from Google, as well as how to upload them to Youtube.

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Example video that I created during this tutorial can be viewed here:

Correction: When I dragged the top title track’s title (for the right eye) to be longer in duration, I should have dragged the middle title tracks’ title (for the left eye) to be the same length. The left eye and right eye’s titles should always be visible at the same time.

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Technical notes:
Video captured using OBS Studio. Video edited in Shotcut (Free video editor) and exported using “Youtube” preset.

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