Driving in Vancouver with Vuze XR VR 180

This video is VR 180 3D, best viewed in a VR headset such as the Oculus Quest 2.

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In this video, Geoff from geoffmobile.com drives Eastbound along West 41st Avenue in Vancouver BC Canada from Dunbar Street to Oak Street.

The in camera stabilization works well until around the 6:30 minute mark, at which point it seems to start becoming very unstable. I don’t recommend watching this video beyond around 6:15 or so as the remainder of the video will be very uncomfortable to watch.

This stabilization issue is extremely bad starting at the 8:30 mark. In fact, I believe this is a serious issue with the Vuze XR and I will be following up with support about it.

The stabilization setting I used in Vuze XR Studio is “Shake” only, not “Horizon”. When I used “Horizon and Shake” the horizon became incorrect as the motion of the car threw off the Horizon levelling.

This video illustrates the limitations of the Youtube encoding format for H.264 videos when watched in VR. When the car stops moving, the image becomes very clear and realistic. But when the car is in motion, the video becomes blocky and unclear. That is because after uploading my video to Youtube, it gets transcoded into a smaller more compressed file, and this file doesn’t have a high enough bitrate to keep up with the rapidly changing image when the vehicle is moving.

This was recorded in 3D 180 VR using the Vuze XR – a 180 3D VR camera.

Audio for this video is the audio from the car, where I was listening to the book “Rage Inside the Machine” via text-to-speech.

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Technical notes:
VR 180 3D video was captured in full automatic setting, and exported in Auto/Optimal ProRes 422 from Vuze XR Studio. Video edited in Adobe Premiere (Legal Creative Cloud license) and exported as a 5.7k 3D stereoscopic side-by-side VR 180 H.264 video using “target bitrate” of 135 Mbps and “maximum bitrate” of 240 Mbps, at maximum rendering depth and maximum render quality.

Vuze XR Camera:

Stayblcam Stabilizer:

This VR 180 3D video was filmed using a Vuze XR camera.
Please watch using the Youtube App on an Oculus Quest 2 VR (Virtual Reality) headset for the best 3D experience!

Thanks for watching!

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