Blue in Green (saxophone and piano jazz duet)

Blue In Green by Bill Evans / Miles Davis

performed by
Neil Peters (alto saxophone)
Geoff Peters (Steinway piano)
Recorded on Fathers’ Day June 19th 2011, Delta BC Canada.

Camera: Sony Cybershot HX7V on Cloudy white balance setting, using in-camera audio (including the non-defeatable Automatic gain control). It would have sounded better if we had used an external audio device with manual gain control.

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2 thoughts on “Blue in Green (saxophone and piano jazz duet)

  1. admin Post author

    thanks Rae!! yes, it’s my dad. I’ll definitely pass on the compliment! :)

    wow, that link is very cool!!

    keep in touch :)

  2. Rae Kang

    Hey Geoff,

    Thank you very much for the comment on my blog. I’m glad to hear from ya.

    You guys sounding good! Is that your dad? I didn’t know he played the sax. He’s got a beautiful sound – soft and sultry.

    Talking about the Kind of Blue, check out:

    Keep it up with your blog. I like seeing all that colorful and joyful stuff you do in your daily life. It’s inspiring.


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