Song for Mom by Joel Frahm – jazz duo, alto sax and piano by Neil and Geoff Peters

Song For Mom (Composed by Joel Frahm)

Performed by jazz duo:

Neil Peters (alto saxophone)
Geoff Peters (piano)

My dad, Neil Peters, learned this song from his amazing and incredible awesome saxophone / jazz combo instructor Joel Frahm when he attended the Centrum Jazz Workshop in Port Townsend Washington this past July 2011.

From what I heard from my dad, and the recordings from the camp, I highly recommend the Centrum Jazz Workshop in Port Townsend. Top world class faculty, an amazing jazz immersion experience and a focus on real musicianship and creativity. Maybe I’ll go sometime!! :)

The piano I played in this video is a beautiful Steinway Grand that has been passed down through my family. It was purchased by my grandparents in the 1960’s and is in excellent working condition. I love this piano!!

Recorded on a Sony ICD-SX712 (ICDSX712B) Digital Voice Recorder using the on-board stereo microphones that come with the unit. This is a fantastic recording unit that is perfect for recording live music. It records in professional uncompressed 16bit WAV format which is ideal for mastering.

How to buy this recorder:

I mastered this audio using the free software called Audacity, which is available for both Windows and Mac.

My mastering consisted of applying some dynamics compression using the “Dynamic Range Compressor” effect in Audacity. I used the following settings:
Threshold: -14 db
Noise Floor: -80 db
Ratio: 3:1
Attack Time: 0.2 secs
Decay Time: 1.0 secs
(Make up gain unchecked)
Then used the Amplify Effect to -0.2 db.
Trimmed beginning and end of track, and added fade out.

My dad, Neil Peters, has been passionate about the saxophone for the last 15 years. I really love playing music with him. Thank you so much Dad for sharing your beautiful music with me and everyone!!

My jazz band’s website (where you can hear more music from me) is at:

We’re also on iTunes. The album is called Quiet Night and it’s by the Geoff Peters Trio.

Thanks a lot for watching, and please subscribe, like, and comment this video!!

All the best,
Geoff Peters
Vancouver BC Canada

Video notes:
Recorded with a Sony Cybershot DSC-HX7V with manual white balance set.
Edited using Adobe Premiere CS 5.5 on a Dell computer running Windows 7.

Some adjustments were made to the color and tones in this video using the Fast Color Corrector. Some of the shadows were darkened and the midtones decreased in brightness, to give a more natural look.

Free MP3 download:
The Mp3 of this video performance is available for free at:

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2 thoughts on “Song for Mom by Joel Frahm – jazz duo, alto sax and piano by Neil and Geoff Peters

  1. Geoff Peters Post author

    Hi Cameron,
    Thank you for your kind comment! Nice to hear from someone who is also in the creative field to listen to our music.
    I checked out some of your photos, very cool! :)

    The sony ICD-SX712 is good, but I find the Zoom H1 has better audio quality (although a cheaper build quality). I have sold my Sony in favor of the Zoom.


  2. Cameron

    Absolutely delightful!

    I came across your link on the Sony web site in reference to one of their recorders. I work on the visual side, as you will be able to see from my web site; however, I am going to purchase a recorder to ccomplement my new a77.

    On another note, it sure is nice to see a father-son duet and your special kind of relationship, not unlike the one I had with my dad.

    All the best to you both.

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