Vancouver’s Food Trucks – Audrey Mehler of Paperny Entertainment – Food Talks Volume 7

The theme for this evening of Food Talks is “Food Trucks: The business and the movement.”

This evening was organized by Richard Wolak, Vancouver Foodster, who writes: “Have you thought of starting your own food truck, or are you curious why food trucks are all the rage in our city and throughout North America!”

Speaker shown in this video is:

Audrey Mehler, Founding Director
Paperny Entertainment @Paperny

Here is Audrey’s bio, courtesy of

Audrey Mehler

Paperny Entertainment

Audrey is a Founding Director of Paperny Entertainment who has helped build the company into the well-respected, world-renowned creator of distinctive television that it is today. Since 1994 when she and David Paperny launched the company, Audrey has written, produced and directed award-winning documentary programmes and series. In her various roles in Development and Production, Audrey looks forward to further growth and expansion. Her company created the popular TV show Eat St. that is shown on Food Network Canada & Cooking Channel US. This tv show that features Food Trucks from all over North America is just about to begin its 4th season, there is also the Eat St. App as well as a new companion cookbook published releasing this spring.

Food Talks is an evening of expert speakers from the Vancouver Food community.

To hear more speakers from Food Talks please visit

Food Talks Volume 7 was held in Vancouver BC Canada on April 2nd 2013.

Presented by Richard Wolak,

As featured on
Presented by and

Videography by Geoff Peters of Birds in the House Productions

Filmed at the Electric Owl, 926 Main Street, Vancouver BC Canada

Closing music by Laundryman used with permission.

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