“Taking” by Laundryman, the Vancouver Electronic Band, jam Feb 10 2012

A new jam recording by Laundryman, a new Vancouver Electronic Band.

This is our song with the working title of “Taking”.

Laundryman is:

Jason Knight, Roland Octapad and Ableton Live laptop


Geoff Peters, Korg MS2000B synthesizer

We’re a new Electronic Band from Vancouver BC Canada. Ask your local coffee shop how you can get Laundryman to make a special music delivery to your local coffee shop or even laundromat!!!

This live improvised jam was recorded in Jason’s living room on Feb. 10th 2012. We played through a single Roland KC amplifier, and recorded the room using a Sony ICD-SX712 IC Recorder. The audio was processed (uhum, “mastered”, if you agree it sounds mastered :) using Audacity on a mac.

Mastering tools used in Audacity:
Hard limiter, SC4 compressor (Soft knee), gain amplifier.

Thanks for watching, and see you next time!

A Birds in the House Production

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