Should Artists be Consistent? – a vlog by Geoffmobile

Geoff from talks about his definition of what it means to be an “artist”, and some advice for artists who want to reach and engage with an audience.

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Ciara Lacy @CiaraLeiLacy
Per Ted Hope – Artists must be discoverable, ubiquitous, and produce consistent output to engage their audience. #artistservices

Geoff @gpeters
but I rather only make art when truly inspired rather than labor for consistent output and produce non exciting work.

Ted Hope @TedHope
if we are making work for an audience, we hv to build the audience. You can’t just make it&hope they come. @CiaraLeiLacy

Geoff @gpeters
I agree. The type, quantity, rhythm of work help cultivate a particular audience. Also, it needs 2 be discoverable.

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