Piano Song with only Black keys! – for woggyflush + Wendy Boys

Geoff from geoffmobile.com plays an original improvised song on on the piano, using only the black keys!

** for a free MP3 download of this song, please visit:

As Geoff explains, playing only the black keys gives you a pentatonic scale, which sounds sort of Asian. There is quite a bit you can do with only the black keys!

Here is a fun exercise if you want to make some fun music: you can sit down at the piano and only play the black keys, and everything you play will sound like music!! Then you can branch out into using some white keys as well. Also, try playing only the white keys!!

Have a great day!!

Special thank you to Tony for filming me!

Technical notes:
Audio recorded with a Zoom H1 recorder in 24bit 48khz, mastered with Audacity. Used normalize, high pass filter, SC4 compressor and W1 Limiter. Video recorded on a Sony Cybershot DSC-HX30v with manual white balance and EV-1.0.

Edited with Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 on a Windows 7 Dell PC (Intel i7 and USB 3.0 for a faster workflow).

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