Robo Robert – short film by Geoff Peters

Meet Robo Robert. He’s an eccentric fellow who loves a good chip and defrag. Surprisingly well connected, RR plays chess, goes for walks, and even takes care of the mouse. Robo’s life is simple, but something is missing. Something electric. One day, RR goes to a park for a chat with Lindy. Their exchange will change his outlook forever.

Robo Robert

Julia Ganswind as Lindy
Geoff Peters as Robert

Written, Directed and Edited by Geoff Peters

Director of Photography and Assistant Director
Spencer Isaac

Costume Design and Makeup
Tony Ho

Behind the Scenes Footage and Still Photography
Maxime Cyr-Morton

“Massive Stride” composed and performed by Kristin Fung
Music produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Mike Southworth

Filmed in George Wainborn Park, Vancouver BC Canada

(c) 2013 Geoff Peters and Birds in the House Productions

Thank you to our families for your support and love.

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3 thoughts on “Robo Robert – short film by Geoff Peters

  1. Brian Leslie

    Well, the story line is interesting and entertaining. I found the acting by the young woman Julia especially good considering she had to interact with a stilted robot of a man. She is very photogenic and the camera likes her a lot. I hope to see Julia in other film roles with even more depth. Thank you for your time.

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