Review of Sunrise Tofu Dessert – a delicious and healthy vegan dessert! – 3D Video in VR 180

Dessert Tofu is a great alternative to ice cream or frozen yogurt. Sunrise Tofu makes a great tasting and refreshing dessert tofu that is available in many delicious flavors such as Peach Mango, Coconut, Banana, etc.

Here is a VR 180 review filmed in Stereoscopic 3D, of the Sunrise brand Tofu Dessert (peach mango). Includes a discussion of the ingredients, texture, taste, and how to open/serve the tofu.

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This video is VR 180 3D, best viewed in a VR headset such as the Oculus Quest 2.

Sunrise Tofu Dessert

Home – EN
Available at grocery stores throughout Canada.
USA and world wide markets may carry similar dessert tofu products.

This was recorded in 3D 180 VR using the Vuze XR – a 180 3D VR camera. The Vuze XR camera was used on top of light stand.

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Technical notes:
VR 180 3D video was captured in manual exposure settings (shutter 1/60, ISO 400, Aperture F2.8) and exported from Vuze XR Studio in 5.7k side-by-side 120Mbps H.264. Video edited in Shotcut (Free video editor) and exported using “Youtube” preset. Audio recorded using my Android cell phone on the table.

This VR 180 3D video was filmed using a Vuze XR camera.
Please watch using the Youtube App on an Oculus Quest 2 VR (Virtual Reality) headset for the best 3D experience!

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