Introduction to Twitter – why use it? – Toastmasters Speech by Geoff Peters

Geoff Peters from gives his third Toastmasters speech in the Vancouver SAP Best Run Toastmasters Club.

Geoff’s speech is called “An Introduction to Twitter” and covers:


-Heard about website: Twitter? How many use twitter?
-Is it the next big thing?

1. Twitter Stats

made $45 million last year, has an estimated value of $10 billion

100 million active users (login once per month)

but 40% only read

Half log in every day

55% of them use mobile devices.

Age 26 to 34

2. What does twitter do?

-Feed of short messages, 140 characters or less

-Everyone can follow other people
-You can have followers

-Post a tweet, your followers will receive it on their home page feed

3. Why should I join?

Keeping up to date:
-Rapid news about world events
-Staying in touch with friends

Getting Involved:
-Promote your own ideas / blog / videos / brand

20% of tweets contained references to some kind of company or brand

-Build audience of followers, gain influence in community


– Twitter is useful for many reasons
– Rapidly growing
– News can spread around the world in seconds
– Improves democracy, and transparency, can cause revolution (Arab Spring in Middle East).

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