“Can we own sand?” Changing paradigms in media consumption. – by Geoff Peters

Geoff Peters, an active contributor to independent media and content, talks about the change from a traditional “ownership” model of media consumption (CD’s, DVD’s) to the current cloud-based on-demand structures (Youtube, Netflix, Flickr, Facebook) that are emerging in prominence today.

Presented by the Best Run Toastmasters club at SAP in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

– How many of you have bought a CD or DVD in the last 2 months?
– How many have watched music or video on Youtube, for entertainment purposes, in the last 2 months?
– Closing of Blockbuster, Netflix ending their mail order service = is this a trend?
– In this speech I will talk about this new paradigm of on-demand, cloud based media consumption.

1. What is On Demand?
– When I go to Home Depot, I can buy a bag of sand. Say I want to create a rock garden in my living room. I can bring it home. That sand, a piece of nature, is now owned by me. Now I legally own part of nature.

– When you go to the beach, there is lots of sand.
– But the sand is part of nature, no-one owns it. You can go to the beach and enjoy the sand on-demand.

– New media is more like going to the beach. There is no need to take the beach home (my apartment can’t fit all the sand anyways). I don’t want to buy CD’s or DVD’s and bring them home

2. “From a Copy Economy to an Access Economy” – Gerd Leonhard
– What is the cloud? = your data is hosted by a third party
– Software examples: Gmail, Youtube, SAP On Demand, Netflix, Facebook. Not just hype.

3. Implications:
– With mobile, we are always online, even in car.
– Have access to everything, anywhere, at anytime.
– Revenue / monetization: Subscription based, or advertising.
– Everyone gets more connected and inter-dependent.

Conclusion: This is a paradigm shift – a dramatic change: “A fundamental change in approach or underlying assumptions”.
Cloud, on-demand, access, mobile, streaming – key features of media for the next 5 yrs.

Recorded on a Sony Cybershot DSC-HX7V. Edited with Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 on a Windows 7 PC computer.

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