How to make money from Youtube monetization – Geoffmobile.com tips

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Geoff from geoffmobile.com shares how he recently enabled Video Monetization for his videos on Youtube and describes how he is making money from creating and sharing videos on Youtube.

-Enable Pre-roll ads, for 10 to 15 times the revenue vs In-video overlay ads.
-Don’t monetize videos where you don’t own the rights to the music, logos, or other content.
-Always get release forms from all actors or other people appearing in your videos. Search ehow.com for “Actor Release Form” for tips.
-If using Creative Commons content in your video, ensure it does not say “Non commercial” in the license. I have found that CC Attribution (*not* Non Commercial) is ok with youtube monetization.
-Create content regularly, and with diverse subjects and ideas. Be creative, and hopefully some of your videos will go viral, leading to several thousand dollars of revenue :)
-Also, seek out info on how to make more compelling content, be aware of your target audience or why someone would care to watch your videos.

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