How to decide what to do at any moment? – four factors to consider when determining your next task

Here’s Geoff from with a short productivity tip.

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Productivity tip: To decide what to do at any moment, please consider these four factors:
1) Context / location (where are you, at your office, home, airport, etc. This will limit the kinds of tasks you can accomplish).
2) Time available – do you have 4 hours, 1 hour, 30 minutes, or 5 minutes? That will affect the kind of tasks you can do.
3) Energy available – two types of energy: Mental and physical. Will affect what tasks you will feel like doing and how well you can do them.
4) Priority – if all else is equal, look at which tasks are the highest priority / give the biggest “bang for the buck”.

Recommended Book:
Getting Things Done by David Allen

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