Deserts the Falafel Oasis – Vancouver Commercial Drive

Deserts the Falafel Oasis
905 Commercial Drive
Vancouver BC Canada
phone: 604-568-0776

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This is a great restaurant for vegan and vegetarian dinner specials. The “Chef’s Special” platter is a heaping plate of a variety of delicious vegetarian curries which are very flavorful and a little bit spicy (or a lot if you like). Served with the optional tatziki / yogurt sauce and some toasted fresh pita bread. It’s only around $7.00 and fills up my partner even though he has a big appetite

I also ordered the Latke patty which is around 3 or 4 dollars – it’s a delicious potato patty that I show in the video.

They also recently started serving vegetarian pasta for $7.00, which I am looking forward to trying soon.

The restaurant is very casual, and kind of cafeteria style where you order and pay first and then pick up your food at the counter when it is ready. You can also serve yourself water and pick up utensils from the side.

Deserts the Falafel Oasis is a great place for a quick filling vegetarian meal on the north end of Commercial Drive in Vancouver. And yes, Deserts does have Desserts too – some nice fudge bars, big homemade cookies, and more.

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