Deserts the Falafel Oasis on Commercial Drive in Vancouver

Deserts the Falafel Oasis
905 Commercial Drive
Vancouver, BC, Canada
phone: 604- 568-0776

Deserts the Falafel Oasis is one of my favorite places for a vegetarian or vegan meal on Commercial Drive of Vancouver. It’s very reasonably priced (most items are between $5 and $10) and the Chef’s special is really delicious!

Shown in video:
-Interior of the restaurant on a sunny summer evening
-The restaurant menu above the kitchen
-the Chef’s Special platter – my favorite, a combination of Indian-influenced curries, with a slightly spicy but mostly mild taste.
-the Latke Patty – made with flour dough and potato, topped with tomato and various delicious sauces.
-the Falatke Wrap (a wrap made with both a Falafel and a Latke, and some vegetables, very tasty!)

This has been another “mmm” nom nom restaurant video from

See you next time,

Technical notes:
Sony HX7V in 30p 1080p MP4 recording mode, white balance manually adjusted to mixed lighting using 18% grey card, edited in Adobe Premiere CS4. Exported to MP4 using H.264 2-pass VBR encoding, average 8Mbps, max 10Mbps, progressive, drop frame.

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