Bye Bye Blackbird – Geoff Peters solo jazz piano (2010 version)

Bye Bye Blackbird, a jazz standard composed by Ray Henderson with lyrics by Mort Dixon. Geoff Peters performs an original arrangement (improvised) on acoustic solo piano.

Check out the Miles Davis recording of this tune from the album Miles Davis at Newport 1958 (sorry, not Kind of Blue) or the version by Keith Jarrett on his album Bye Bye Blackbird (1993).

Check out my band’s web site for Vancouver live jazz band in BC Canada, the Geoff Peters Trio

A Birds in the House Production

Filmed on a Canon EOS T2i in full HD 1080P.

Piano is a European Petrof upright, imported by Yonatan Torn pianos in Vancouver BC Canada Specializing in Eurpoean pianos and Steinway.

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