Bloedel Conservatory Vancouver 360 Video of Beautiful Birds and Tropical Plants – April 2018

This is a 360 Video! Move your phone/tablet to explore or drag the screen on a web browser :)
This was shot on a YI 360 VR Camera, check them out at

Geoff from shares a short 360 video view of some beautiful birds and plants at the Bloedel Conservatory in Vancouver BC Canada using his YI 360 VR camera (unstabilized) hand held, using on-camera stitching in 4k resolution.

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Geoff filmed this 360 video, a recording of beautiful tropical birds and plants in Vancouver at the Bloedel Conservatory at Queen Elizabeth Park, in 360 degrees, using his YI 360 VR Camera in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Filmed with YI 360 VR Camera in 4K resolution with in-camera stitching. I hand held the YI 360 camera and filmed the tropical bird and plant scene.

More information about the Bloedel Conservatory is here:

On Tripadvisor:

Thanks for watching! Cheers, Geoff

Curious how I made this video? Look no further. I have explained how to do it in some easy tutorial videos. Here are the links to my 360 Video Editing tutorial video:

How to Edit 360 video in Adobe Premiere and upload to Youtube

Best viewed using headphones, and the Zeiss VR One Plus or the Samsung Gear VR
Also compatible with Google Cardboard

Thanks for watching!

Technical notes:
This 4k resolution video was captured using the YI 360 VR Camera using on-camera stitching. It was edited in Adobe Premiere.

Filmed with the YI 360 VR Camera

Looks good viewed with Zeiss VR One Plus:

Also viewable in Virtual Reality with Google Cardboard

About 360 videos on Youtube:

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