Youtube Mashup Generator – Geoff’s idea of the day

Here’s an idea I came up with for a website which generates instant Youtube Mashups.

Update, June 14th 2011
The idea has now been implemented (thanks to Sai!) and is available at

main screen:
-ask two questions:
1) What do you want in the video? (e.g. kittens, obama, football)
2) What kind of music do you want in the video? (e.g. rock music, jazz, Beatles, Bieber, death metal, etc).

Click the “Go” button and then it creates an instant mashup with a video containing the first search term, e.g. some cute kittens, and mashes it up with the music from the second search term, e.g. death metal.

video: kittens
music: death metal

video: obama
music: harpsichord

video: bieber
music: Beethoven Symphony No. 3


How does it work?
-The website is coded in Javascript using JQuery.
-It accesses the free Youtube Javascript API to execute the Search terms, finds the video for the picture and the sound, and then uses the Javascript API to play both videos at the same time.
-It sets the volume of the first video to 0 (off) and hides the second video from the screen, so only its audio plays.

Extensions on the idea, to develop further:
-allow the mashups to be saved and shared with others
-create a rating system for mashups, build a community around sharing mashups
-Integrate with Tumblr and wordpress.
-Monetization using Google Adsense

Please do not patent this idea. it deserves to belong to everyone, not a specific corporation. This video serves as proof that I invented the idea on May 22nd 2011, so please take it and develop the idea for yourself, and please share it with the world!

Thanks a lot.

useful links:
Youtube Javascript API:



(this video was filmed on a Sony Cybershot DSC HX7V and edited in Windows Live Movie Maker. All background music in this video was created by Geoff Peters and/or Marcus Emmanuel Barnes, used with permission).

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