World Rewards Relentless Generosity – Seth Godin and Toastmasters

Your host “Vampire Geoff” reports on:

-How to become a better public speaker, through Toastmasters International

-How to be successful on the Internet – it rewards “Relentless Generosity” to make the world a better place. This is continuously and selflessly giving your energy towards helping others on a worldwide scale, whether it is through making music that people enjoy, blogging, helping the environment, raising awareness, supporting the less advantaged and marginalized, collecting and producing insightful and powerful ideas, etc…

An example is environmentalist David Suzuki

Seth Godin’s blog:

Seth Godin interview:

The vampire effect in this video was the result of using the Portrait picture style on my Canon T2i camera. I suggest using the Canon Portrait picture style on female subjects if you want to make the skin tones pale and bring out the luscious red lips! Doesn’t work so well on very white gentlemen such as myself.

Technical notes:
Canon T2i with Magic Lantern
Lapel mic under collar at front of shirt, plugged into camera’s external mic port
Audio mastered using Audacity
Video edited in Adobe Premiere CS5.5 on a 64 bit Dell computer running Windows 7
Full 1080p H.264 Mp4 mode with 1 pass VBR 8mbs.

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